Produce individual PDF P11Ds

Produce individual PDF P11Ds

From version 2.54.2 onwards, a new option is available when exporting P11D PDFs. Functionality has been introduced similar to the Produce individual PDF payslips option.

When enabled, Flexipay will create an individual P11D PDF for every employee, rather than creating one large PDF that contains all P11Ds from the employee selection. Two other options are available:

Export P11Ds into a directory for each tax year: enabling this option will create a new folder in your Flexipay folder that contains the exported P11Ds. The folders will be separated by year.

Zip exported P11Ds: exported P11Ds will be added into a zip file, to enable them to be uploaded to TMS.

By default, this option will not be enabled and your P11D export will continue to work as normal. To enable these settings, open the Modify miscellaneous parameters window. The new options can be found in the HMRC Forms tab (keyboard shortcut ALT+F):

This change also brings extra options to the P11D export process itself, regardless of whether the new preferences are enabled or not. When you export a P11D, you still need to select the Tax year as normal, but you are able to choose between two options when exporting:

Produce full P11D report
: with the new preference turned off, this will produce a P11D PDF as normal. With the new preference turned on, it will produce just the employee section of the P11D  report(s) and separate the files by employee.

Produce P11D(b) report only
: this option will only produce the company summary P11D(b) part of the P11D, which can be useful for archiving or reporting purposes. 

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