Removal of automatic deletion of Employees for the DA module

Removal of automatic deletion of Employees for the DA module

Prior to version, the Data Assurance module automatically ran a job on the Processor on a daily basis to delete Employees that had reached their Deletion date (the time period specified in the System preferences for WinTMS to remove the data of Employees that have been a leader for a set amount of time). This process was completed daily, unless a daily job had been manually set up on the Processor to delete Employees. 

Note: An issue was identified within the Data Assurance module that could cause the accidental deletion of Leavers, which prompted this change. For more information, please refer to the documentation for that issue (this can be found on the release page for version

With this version of TMS 8, the automatic job has been removed. Now, Employees will only be deleted if a job has been manually set up. A new log has been added to the System generation log for the Processor to indicate that there are no manual jobs:

Similarly, there is a new log that indicates that a DA module Deletion job has been processed:

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