Reports employee selection

Reports employee selection

It is possible to run Reports for a specific selection of Employees, which will not interfere with the overall application selection, and this can be achieved on the Reports employee selection page. When first navigating to the page, you will see the following screen:

The page is divided into two sections. The left-hand pane contains the following Action buttons, that determine which selection type you would like to use:

  • Single - allows you to run a Report for a single Employee, by selecting them from the drop-down list:

Note: the Employee selected in the Employee drop-down list is independent from the single Group selection and will still be used for the Employee functions.

  • All - allows you to run a Report for all Employees

  • Range - allows you to select groups of Employees to include from Mitrefinch TMS. There are three drop-down lists to use to define your range of Employees: Groups, Start and End. In the following example, the Group options are 'Employee', 'Department', and 'Employee title'. The 'Department' field has been selected:

  • Multiple - allows you to create a custom selection of Employees by applying filters to your list. When the page is first displayed, the fields 'Employee', 'Department', and 'Employee title' are empty as in the following example:

To make a selection, expand the drop-down lists by clicking on the arrows on the right-hand side of each field and select the values you wish to include in the Group list selection.

After specifying the desired employee selection, click on 'Apply', at the top of the left-hand pane to confirm your choices. It is important to note that your selections will only be saved whilst you remain in the Reports feature, once you exit the feature your selections will be reset. Selecting 'Clear' will wipe out any previous selections, enabling you to start making selections from scratch, or to use the default application employee selection. Selecting 'Cancel' will remove any changes that have been made, but not applied.

Note: if you have not specified which employees you would like to see reports for, the Reports employee selection will default to the application employee selection. It is important to remember that once you exit the Reports section of TMS8, any options that you have selected will be cleared and the next time you enter the Reports section you will need to make your selections again.

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