Reports overview

Reports overview

The Reports feature in TMS enables you to manage the Reports that can be generated by the system, giving you the ability to:

  • Run Reports.
  • Organise Reports based on Profiles. See Report profiles for more details
  • Attach Reports to features

The Reports feature in the system can be accessed from the main menu, in the drop-down Header pane, and also from the Menu and Shortcut widgets, which can be displayed on a Supervisor’s dashboard. See Dashboard, Widget maintenance for more details.

When the Reports feature is opened, you will see the following page:

The left-hand pane contains three Actions:

  • Close - will close the Reports page and take you back to the Supervisor Dashboard

  • Report Profiles - this is where a Supervisor can determine which Reports a Profile has access to. See Reports profiles for more details

  • Report tasks - is where a Supervisor can attach a Report to certain features. See Report tasks for more details

The main page in the Reports feature will display a list of the Reports that are currently available within the system. There is a default list, which will be established upon implementation of the software, however, Reports may be added to or removed from this list and some may have been changed to meet your organisation’s requirements (see the Report writer user manual for further details).

Each row in the main page is a separate Report, containing the name of the Report in the first column and a short description of what the Report relates to in the second column.

Note: this page may look different on your system, depending on which Reports have been added or removed (see Report Writer User Manual).

The Reports can be organised in either ascending or descending alphabetical order, simply by toggling the small, blue arrow in the title row:

Alternatively, the Reports can be alphabetised by their description, by toggling the small, blue arrow in the top-right corner of the screen:

In the top-right corner of the page there is a search bar, which will update the list of available Reports as text is entered into it:

In order to begin the process of running a Report, simply select it from the list on this page, by clicking on the blue text in the Name column.

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