Run Reports

Run Reports

To run a report in TMS, first navigate to the Reports page then click on the Name of the report you wish to run. The Run report page opens. For example:

If applicable, you can enter the start and end date of your report by entering the dates in the fields under Report parameters. If no date fields are available, the report was created to run on an already selected date range or Pay period.

Note: the Reports parameters can contain additional fields asking you for more information other than dates, this is configured by the Supervisor who created the report.

You can run the report to download in the following file formats:

  • CSV — select this option to download a 'Comma Separated Values' file i.e. with a .csv file extension
  • Excel — select this option to download an 'Excel workbook' file i.e. with a .xlsx file extension
  • PDF — select this option to download a PDF file i.e. with a .pdf file extension
  • Text — select this option to download a Text file i.e. with a .txt file extension

Note: you may be prompted to download the file to your PC or select an application to open it with.

You can run the report to open a new page and view the report in the following format:

  • Grid — opens a new page with a grid populated by the data from the report

The example below is the 'Payroll report' run as a Grid report:

When viewing a Grid report, an additional action is available in the left-hand pane to download the report in different file formats. Clicking the action opens a pop-up. For example:

Click the format you wish to download the report as or click Close to return to the Grid report page.

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