Setting up and Maintaining Shifts and Rosters

Setting up and Maintaining Shifts and Rosters

How do I setup/maintain a shift?

To begin with, open the System menu in the WinTMS toolbar and click Maintain Shifts.

This will open the Maintain shifts window, which will display your currently created shifts. There are two important drop-down menus on this screen:

  1. Works rules for display/test: this setting will allow you to choose which work rules you are viewing. This will affect the view displayed when modifying shits, as well as changing what fields you can see. 
  1. Date for Display/Test: This will display the shift as if it were on the selected date. Be careful if the supplied date is on a weekend if your weekend rules are different from weekday rules. 

There are two methods of adding a brand new Shift. You can either:

  1. Create a new Shift from scratch using the Add button

  2. Setup a new Shift by Copying another shift

Method 1: Creating new shift 

On the Maintain shifts screen, click on the Add button.


You will then be prompted to give the Shift a unique name, for example “0900-1700”. Fill in the name and click OK.

In this method, we will create a Standard work rule Shift. On the window that appears, fill out the following:

  • Description: this is a long-form description of a Shift, for example “Day shift 0900-1700”
  • Earliest start: this will control the earliest time that an Employee can clock in to a shift
  • Start of workday: this will control the ‘standard’ start time of a Shift
  • End of workday: this will control the ‘standard’ end time of a Shift
  • Latest finish: this will control the latest time that an Employee can clock out of a shift

The Standard hours of the shift will automatically update after the Start of workday and End of workday times have been added – however, this can be manually changed.

Next, you can set up the Breaks in a Shift. For a simple break, enter the following details:

  • Start between: the times between which the break should start
  • Length of break: the length that the break should be
  • Required: ticking this checkbox means that the Employee must take this break (be aware that this will alter the Standard hours of the field)

Click OK to complete the new Shift.

Method 2: Copy an existing Shift

To copy an existing Shift, click on a Shift in the Maintain Shifts window, and click Modify:

Then, click the Copy button in the window that opens:

You will then be asked to name the Shift. Click OK to continue.

This shift will then appear in the list of Shifts available in the Maintain shifts list. You can then Modify the Shift to customise it to your needs.

Creating Flexible shifts

To change the Flex rules of a shift, use the drop-down menu in the Maintain shifts window to change the Workrules for display/test to Flex. When you Modify the shift, you will see that the Control times have been changed to the following options:

  • Earliest start: this is the earliest possible time an Employee can clock in from
  • Start/End of Core 1 time: this marks the start and end time of the first Core time (e.g. a time in which the Employee must be working)
  • Start/End of Core 2 time: this marks the start and end time of the second Core time
  • Latest finish time: this is the latest possible time that an Employee can clock out        


You can then create a Flex lunch period by designating Minimum lunch and Standard lunch times. The Minimum lunch time will be deducted from the Employee’s worked hours if they do not clock out for lunch. Standard lunch is the total time allowed for a lunch break. The Minimum lunch time will be removed from the Standard hours of the Shift.

How do I maintain a shift?

To Maintain a shift (e.g. change the start and end times), highlight the Shift in the Maintain shifts window (accessed from the System menu in the WinTMS toolbar), then click Modify.

How do I setup/maintain a roster?

Setting up a Roster

To setup a roster, open the System menu in the WinTMS toolbar, and then click Maintain rosters

The Maintain Rosters window will then open. To add a new Roster, click the Add button.

A new window will open which will prompt you to name the new Roster. After naming the Roster, click OK to continue.

You will the be given the opportunity to construct the Roster. Fill out the following details:

  • Description: this is a long-form description of a Roster, for example “Day shift 0900-1700 roster”
  • Weeks in Roster: this is where you change how long a Roster is. For example, if you wanted a Roster that had alternating shifts every week, you would set this to 2
  • Base date: this is where you set the starting day of the shift. For example, if you wanted it to be based on a Friday-Thursday pattern, set the Base date to a Friday.

Next, you can assign Shifts to each day. To insert a shift, right click on a day and click Insert shift.

A pop-up window will appear, where you can use a drop-down menu to choose a shift. Choose a shift, and then click OK to continue:

When you have entered a shift on each day, click OK.

The Roster can now be assigned to Employees.

How do I maintain a roster?

From the Maintain Rosters window, select a Roster and click Modify.



You can then change various details, such as:

  • Description
  • Change the base date
  • Right click days to alter/insert/delete shifts

Once you are happy with the changes, click OK. This will change the Roster for people that are actively using it.

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