Temporary Licence

Temporary Licence

Temporary licence

If you have no valid licence, a temporary licence is activated to allow a Supervisor or system administrator access to the Licensing page for a limited period of time.

If you are using TMS for the first time without a licence or your existing licence has expired, you will see the following error message when you access the Supervisor login page:

You will obtain a temporary licence which allows you to login as a Supervisor. When you login, you will be directed to the Licensing page. Information about the temporary licence can be found on this page and an error message will appear at the top to warn you a temporary licence has been activated. For example:

The temporary licence has a month duration by default, and allows the Supervisor time to request, download and upload a new licence.

Note: when a temporary licence has been granted to you but you do not have access to the Licensing feature, the following message will display after your Supervisor login is denied:

Contact your system administrator if you receive this error message.

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