Terminal Site Planner

Terminal Site Planner

The Terminal Site Planner allows you to view and maintain scheduled jobs on the clocking terminals.

To open the Terminal site planner, select the Terminal site planner icon from the Dashboard.

The Terminal site planner displays a list of terminals.

Each terminal appears in the planner list with setup and status information

  • Poller: The reference ID of the poller the terminal connects to.
  • Ref: The terminal's individual reference ID.
  • Location: The user-defined location of the terminal.
  • Type: Specifies the clock type. This is set up by the Implementer upon install.
  • Web services: Specifies whether the terminal is configured to use web services.
  • Address: The IP address of the terminal.
  • Status: The current status of the terminal. OK means the terminal is working normally. Ignored means that the terminal is set as inactive. Down means that the terminal is not responding - it may be powered off or the network connection may be unavailable.
  • Last heartbeat: web service terminals send regular status notifications to the server. This column displays the date and time of the last notification received.
  • Version: The firmware version the terminal is running.

Note: Terminals turn red if they haven't sent a heartbeat within a specified number of minutes. If this time limit is too strict, you can change the time value in WinTMS. Go to System > Maintain system preferences > Terminal. Under Site planner, change the Minutes before offline value. If this is greyed out, uncheck Use web.config value.

The Actions pane on the left gives you five options:

  • Job scheduler: View, create and modify scheduled jobs.
  • Terminal actions: A list of all actions that have been sent to terminals.
  • Terminal upgrades: Specify the location of upgrade files in preparation for terminal upgrades.
  • Preferences: General terminal preferences.
  • Poller log: All log entries recorded by all

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