Test Pay group Date rules

Test Pay group Date rules

Version adds an option to test the Date rules when setting up or modifying a Pay group. This is important for the new Import CSV files to Archive changes as these need to use the Date rules in order to create new Archive records correctly.

Note: in order to use this new test, the dates on the Main tab of the Modify payroll group window need to have been set.

To test the Date rules in a Pay group, open the Modify payroll group window, and open the Date rules tab (keyboard shortcut alt+D). A new button has been added to this tab, the Test button:

Note: the test is only available if the Apply the special rules below option is selected for the Date rules for payroll cycle.

When you click the Test button, a new window pop up that allows you to pick a period to test:


Use the Tax year and Pay period fields to choose the period to test, and the click OK.

This will show you the effective dates for that Pay period, which you can compare against the values you were expecting.

This test is repeatable, simply alter the selections for each period you wish to test. Once testing has been completed, click Cancel on the Test pay group date rules window to return to the Modify payroll group window.

Note: these tests will respect the parameters set out in the Date rules tab, such as the Pay date.

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