The Supervisor dashboard

The Supervisor dashboard

When you log in as a Supervisor, the main area on display is the currently selected Employees Dashboard. The example below is the Supervisor Dashboard with Employee 000001 selected:

Note: the Employee and Group drop-down list may contain <undefined> when visiting for the first time, meaning no current Employee has been selected. Also, <undefined> may appear when an Employee does not have a licence to access the current page, in this scenario you will need to select a different Employee.

You can access the various functions of the system either through the menus at the top of the screen or directly via the icons on the Dashboard. Clicking on an icon loads up the corresponding page. The two pop-up drop-down lists on the top of the page allow you to select an Employee or a Group.

Note: the icons and menu items available for selection are dependent on the selected Employees licences. For example, if the selected Employee: 000001 had no TMS licence assigned to them, all functions that require the TMS licence will not be selectable such as Clock card, Anomalies and so on.

Further options in the Supervisor toolbar are:

  • Switch login — logs you out as a Supervisor and takes you to the Employee login page
  • Help button — clicking the icon opens up the help screen for the current page
  • System preference — this additional option will take you to the Preferences for the current page.
  • Reports — this additional option will take you to the Reports page.


There are three additional options in the drop-down Header pane which allow you to customise the overall display of the Supervisor and Employee Dashboard. These are Theme, Dashboard maintenance and Language maintenance:

  • Theme — to change the background colour of the Dashboard toolbar. 'Blue' is selected in the image of the Dashboard in Supervisor Dashboard.

  • Dashboard maintenance — customise the Dashboards for different Employees depending on their TMS User profile.

  • Language maintenance — it is possible to change the language used throughout TMS pages and functions.

Note: you will need to refresh your browser for your changes to take effect.

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