TMS 8 Release Report

TMS 8 Release Report

We are pleased to announce the latest release of TMS 8: version!

This version of TMS 8 introduces the following new features:

  1. Multiple Submits are now disabled

    Once you click primary actions on a form (such as Submit), the button is now disabled until the form is closed or the changes are validated. You will now no longer be able to submit multiple copies of the same request! 
  1. New Knowledgebase for TMS 8

    We have made further changes to our help system within TMS 8. Previously, we had helpfiles stored on your system that opened whenever you clicked the ‘?’ symbol on your TMS 8 webpage. We have now migrated these help pages to our support portal – clicking the ‘?’ symbol will now direct you to these webpages. The knowledgebase is fully searchable and is context-sensitive, so TMS 8 will automatically direct you to the appropriate article.

  2. A new way of delivering release documentation

    We will now be publishing release documentation to our support portal, as well. 

You can view a full history of changes to TMS 8 functionality by downloading this PDF. 

The full list of changes can be found in the table below:


Issue ID

DevOps ID


Change Notes

Product Enhancement



TMS8: Robohelp context-sensitive help files replaced with Zoho Knowledge base articles

The context-sensitive help button now directs the user to the appropriate Mitrefinch Zoho Knowledge base article

Product Enhancement

TMS8: Increase length of database settings allowable

Increased length of database parameters (database name, server name, database password) allowable in localcfg

Product Enhancement



TMS8: Adding clockings through the clockcard – multiple submits could add multiple copies of the same clocking

Primary actions, such as submit, are now disabled after the first click until either the form is closed or validated.

Issue Resolution



TMS8: Find cover functionality was giving an error when the list was paged and moving to a subsequent page

Paging of employee lists in the Find Cover option now works correctly

Issue Resolution



TMS8: A user with read-only access to panels still had the option to add or delete rows

Security has been changed to remove the add and delete buttons for read-only users

Issue Resolution



TMS8: Correct messages shown when booking absences around static and general absences

Warning messages referred to buttons that has different captions than indicated in the text, which have now been corrected

Issue Resolution



TMS8: Web reporting did not return a value for the FPEnrolled function

FPEnrolled function in calculation now works in both Windows and Web

Issue Resolution



TMS8: Escalation emails sent by the processor had links relevant to Silverlight (v7)

Silverlight and ASP links have been removed

Issue Resolution



TMS8: Entitlement type d was being treated as hours

An entitlement type of d in the TMSEMPEN table will now be treated as days rather than hours

Issue Resolution



TMS8: Going in to modify a newly added shift shows blank details.

The lookup is now refreshed correctly when a new shift is added

Issue Resolution



TMS8: Special Days not using Special day rate via Work rules entry

Special days pay rates now correctly applied in all cases

Issue Resolution



TMS8: Employee record still visible immediately after change to security field in web

Employees will now no longer be able to be seen by a Supervisor that has changed their security field

Issue Resolution



TMS8: Enforce mandatory panel for absence codes functionality in Windows & Web

Mandatory panel for certain absence codes was not being enforced, but this has now been corrected

Issue Resolution



TMS8: TAS clocking type option visible when adding clocking through clockcard, even if no TAS was configured

The TAS option on clocking is now hidden/disabled if the customer does not have a TAS licence or if they have a TAS Licence but no TAS categories configured

Issue Resolution



TMS8: Newly added shifts are not available in maintain rosters until after a restart

New shifts are now added to the list immediately in maintain rosters

Issue Resolution



TMS8: Delete in maintain shifts was allowing deletion of shifts in use

Shifts that are currently in use will no longer be able to be deleted

Issue Resolution



TMS8: Views button not available in maintain shifts

The view button will now be displayed if shifts can be limited by view

Issue Resolution



TMS8: WinAcs did not have maintain employee details without a TMS or HR licence

Maintain employee details is now available in WinAcs when you only have an Access Control licence

Issue Resolution



TMS8: Changes to additional payments in requests were not being highlighted in web

Changes to any additional payments are now highlighted in green as per other changes

Issue Resolution



TMS8: TAS values are not being updated for limited pairs on mobile when new values are added

Changes to limited pairs are now reflected when a synchronise action is performed.

Issue Resolution



TMS8: Web group planner totals (planner work and employee totals) are incorrect or showing zero

Daily employee count total now shows correctly, and planned hours show correctly on all totals

Issue Resolution



TMS8: Work record by hours report omitted negative hours

Loading of hours list now allows for negative hours

Issue Resolution



TMS8: Length of new shifts limited incorrectly

When a new shift is added, TMS will now correctly use the lookup definition to define the code length

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