Upload TMS 8 License Instructions

Upload TMS 8 License Instructions

How to upload a new or updated TMS version 8 Licence

The following instructions explain how to apply a new or updated TMS version 8 licence and should be followed via Web TMS.  If you do not use Web TMS or cannot access for any reason then please refer to the alternative method shown in the next section which can be performed via Windows TMS instead.

To upload a new licence in TMS version 8 , load Web TMS then log in as a Master or a Supervisor user.   

Then, open the Licensing page. Either find the Shortcut widget, or search for it in the Header pane:

This will open the Licensing page. On this page, you can click Upload licence in the left-hand navigation pane:

On the Upload licence page, you need to choose a file from your computer to upload as the Licence. Click Choose file to open the File Explorer on your PC and find the Licence file you wish to upload. Once you have chosen your file, click Submit.

Note: the only accepted licence format to upload is the .lic format, and the details within the licence file cannot be viewed (for example, by a PDF reader).

After clicking Submit, you will be taken to the Upload confirmation page. Alternatively, click Cancel to abandon the upload and return to the Licensing page.

The Upload confirmation page will highlight the differences between your current license and the new one. For example:

Once the above steps have been completed, your TMS licence has been successfully applied.

Alternative method if you are unable to access Web TMS:

If you do not use Web TMS or cannot access for any reason then an alternative method can be performed via Windows TMS (if using version 8.20 or above).   Instructions are shown below:
  1. Navigate to your WINTMS directory
  2. Load SYSGEN.EXE as the MASTER user.
  3. Click on the menu Tools > Upload Licence and select the provided updated licence.
  4. Then apply/overwrite the licence when prompted and exit from SYSGEN once completed.
  5. When reloading Windows TMS the new licence details will have been applied.
Should you have experienced any errors while uploading the licence, then please refer to the error list below for more details.

Licensing upload errors

Under certain circumstances it will not be possible for you to upload a licence and an error message will be displayed. The causes of the different errors and warnings you may see are detailed below.

Upload - invalid format

Attempting to upload any file format other than '.lic' will result in this error. To rectify it, you need to select a valid '.lic' licence. You can request one of these by returning to the Licensing page.

Invalid licence upload

It is possible to upload an invalid licence in certain circumstances. A success message will appear at the top of the page saying the licence has been successfully uploaded and activated, however a second message will appear stating that the licence is invalid:

You can review the information on the Licensing page and find out what caused the licence to be invalid. In the above example, the installation ID is the cause. 

In the case of an invalid licence, please email licensing@mitrefinch.co.uk and out licensing team will help you generate a new licence.

Licences exceeded

A licence for a feature will become invalid once it exceeds the amount of licences available. For example:

In the above example, the WEB feature only has 32 licenses available, and 33 were used, making the WEB feature invalid. Please contact sales@mitrefinch.co.uk to enquire about additional licenses.

All available licenses used - warning

If you have used all of your licenses for specific features, a message will appear at the top of the Licensing page and your Supervisor dashboard. The warning states that certain features have used all the available licences. For example:

You will be unable to assign any more licenses to new employees for those features. Please contact sales@mitrefinch.co.uk to enquire about additional licenses.

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