MMP Projects to work on during COVID-19 or during quiet times.

MMP Projects to work on during COVID-19 or during quiet times.

  1. Metadata clean-up
    1. Go through existing collections and improve the metadata.
      1. Improve title field – give short, concise, accurate titles to images.  Remove [brackets]. Give distinct names to each item – instead of the same name to multiple items of the same location/event etc.
      2. Improve description field – give details to whom, what, where, when, why and how in complete sentences in this field.
      3. Improve subject field – Select subjects that accurately describe the items and will produce the item in common searches
      4. Improve the geographic location field – verify each item displays a city and county name that most accurately describes where the item is from
    2. Transcription
      1. Go through existing transcript of print items and clean-up OCR errors
      2. Transcribe hand-written documents
      3. Transcribe audio recordings, if not currently available

  2. Add new collections
    1. Work on collections that have approved applications – schedule a refresher training with Jennifer if needed.
    2. Create a new collection application for materials not yet on the MMP and submit
      1. Schedule a virtual consult with Jennifer if needed
      2. Scan items
      3. Create metadata
      4. Upload new content
  3. Create a locally relevant exhibit (Jennifer will guide you through the process if you need help)
    1. Look for photos and items related to the topic and save title and links to items in a spreadsheet
    2. Research and write text to describe the items
    3. Share content links and text with Jennifer to review
  4. Create a list for Social Media sharing.
    1. Select a topic
    2. Search for items (particularly photos) related to the topic – 40+ items is best
    3. Save items to list within the MMP
    4. Export list and share with Jennifer

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