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            Accessing your Google Apps (Email, Docs, Drive)

            Google Apps are an important tool at Mountain Heights Academy.  Your email, instant messaging, and documents will all be based in Google Apps. Each student is given a school Google Apps account.

            All student/teacher communication will be through the Mountain Heights Academy Google Apps. 

            You will need to connect your Mountain Heights Academy Google Apps account to your Moodle account. Before doing this, be sure to have logged out of any other personal Gmail or Google apps account you may have accessed. Google Apps may not recognize your Mountain Heights credentials if it is still associating you with a personal Gmail account. We recommend using Chrome browser for accessing your school courses and Google apps and an alternate browser (Firefox or Internet Explorer) for accessing personal Gmail or Google apps accounts.  If you are ever unable to access your Mountain Heights Academy Google Apps, clear your browser cache or reboot your computer, then try again.

            1. Log in to the Mountain Heights Academy Moodle site.

            2. Click on the Email icon.  A Google Accounts page will display, welcoming you to your new account. Confirm that it is connecting you to your Mountain Heights Academy Google Apps user account, which will be in the following format:

            3.  You can access your Google Drive by clicking on the Document Icon.   You can access your Grades by clicking the Hat Icon, the School Calendar by clicking the Calendar Icon, and Tech Help by clicking the Question Icon.

            Updated: 31 Jul 2018 12:36 PM
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