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            Saving your Data, Documents and Emails when leaving Mountain Heights Academy

            If you are graduating or leaving Mountain Heights Academy, you will lose access to your school google apps account-- and all accounts associated with that email address.  Want to save your stuff?  Here is how to do that!

            1) Change all outside accounts to a personal email address.

            Make sure any outside accounts (Glogster, Flickr, Blogger, Prezi, GoAnimate, etc) are associated with a personal email address.  Most of the time, students create new accounts and use their school email address to set it up. However, you will lose access to your school email address and will potentially lose access to the Glogster, Prezi, etc account too.  Log in to each of those accounts and change the email address associated with the account to a personal email address.

            2) Forward Your Email

            Have a specific email that you wish to save?  Just forward it to another personal email address.  Typically, email history is specific to the school year and most students will have few emails they need to save through fowarding.

            3) Google Docs

            Select one or more files and then right click.  Choose Download.  You can also download entire Drive folders by right-clicking and choosing Download.

            4) Voicethread Presentations

            If you have Voicethread presentations you wish to download (in video format), please email Mrs. Weston (sweston@mountainheightsacademy).  She will assign you export credits that allow you to download the Voicethread.  There are a limited number of export credits that I can share with students.  If you have additional presentations you need to export, you can purchase 10 exports for $10 from the Voicethread site.

            Once you have contacted Mrs. Weston and received export credits, please follow the steps below to export your Voicethread.

            Log in to Voicethread.

            If you are the creator of a VoiceThread, go to your MyVoice page, click the gear menu icon in the bottom-right corner of a VoiceThread, and select Edit. At the bottom of the Edit page, you will see the Export button. Clicking that button will either begin the exporting process or direct you to your VoiceThread shopping cart to purchase export credits.

            You can also export from the final share slide. Click the button that says Export to an Archival VoiceThread for offline use. This will either begin the exporting process or direct you to your VoiceThread cart to purchase export credits. Please note that the export process could take anywhere from several minutes to hours. The Exports page will provide you with the status of your export, and VoiceThread will send you an email once the process is complete. That email will direct you to the page where you can download the file. There, you will see two versions of each exported VoiceThread: the regular HQ version for viewing on a computer or a Mobile version that can be played on an MP3 player.

            Updated: 06 Aug 2018 04:11 AM
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