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            Record a Screencast with Screencastify

            (If you are not on a school Chromebook, you will need to install the Screencastify Extension by visiting this link and choosing Add to Chrome)

            Just need a quick refresher?  Watch this short video on using Screencastify

            All school Chromebooks have the Screencastify Premium extension already installed. It is an orange camera icon found in the upper right corner of the browser window.


            Setting Up Screencastify

            The first time you click on the orange camera icon, it will take you to the Screencastify Setup Screen.  

            Make sure that ‘automatically save videos to Google Drive’ is turned on.  Then click ‘Sign in with Google’.

            You must sign in with your Mountain Heights Academy Google account.  We have purchased school subscriptions and in order to access the premium features, you will need to be connected to your MHA google apps.

            Make sure you have enabled the camera, microphone and drawing tools. Then click Next.  You will be then asked to approve permissions. Choose ALLOW each time permission is asked.

            Recording Using Screencastify

            To make a video or record your screen, click on the Screencastify icon.

            You will have the option of recording a specific tab, the entire desktop, or just your webcam. You can also embed your webcam while recording a tab/desktop.

            Press the record button to start a recording. It will ask you to share your screen. You must choose SHARE.

            You can use the drawing/annotation tools to draw on your screen while you are recording. To end your recording, click the Screencastify icon again and click the stop button.

            Saving and Sharing your Recording

            After you stop your recording, it will open in a new tab.  From there, you can choose to crop or edit your video. It will also save the video to your Google Drive.

            By default, the name of your video will be the date/time it was recorded. To change this, just click on that name/time and rename your video.

            To get the sharable link, click on the share icon and choose to share the video on Google Drive. This will create a shareable link that you can copy.

            To access your saved recordings, click on the File icon on your Chromebook.  All of your Screencastify videos will save in the Screencastify folder in your Google Drive.

            Additional Tutorials for using Screencastify

            Here is a video on how to record using Screencastify

            Here are some additional tutorials on using Screencastify

            Updated: 31 Jul 2018 12:07 PM
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