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            Taking Screenshots

            To take a screenshot using Chromebook Key Shortcuts:

            CTRL +  takes screenshot of your current window

            To take a screenshot of everything you see on your Chromebook’s screen at once, hold down the Ctrl button and press the “Switch Window” button. The switch window button is located in the top row.  Once you press both of them, you’ll see a notification in the bottom corner of the screen alerting you that your screenshot has been saved. Screenshot image files save directly to the Chromebook’s Download folder, so you can take and access screenshots even when offline, and are labeled with the date and time they were recorded. Click the notification to open the Downloads folder and select the image file.

            CTRL + SHIFT + allows you to take a partial screenshot

            You can also select only a portion of your screen to save. Hold down the Ctrl and Shift buttons at once, then press the “Switch Window” button. Chrome’s cursor will be temporarily replaced with a crosshair. Click and drag a square across the portion of the screen you want to save, then release the trackpad or mouse button. The partial screenshot will be saved in the Downloads folder, the same as a full screenshot.

            To take a screenshot using Awesome Screenshot Extension:

            Click the Awesome screen-capture icon and choose Capture Selected Area. You can then drag to create a rectangle to capture the image. 

            Now click Capture.  It will open your screenshot in a new window.  From here you can annotate (draw) on your image using your mouse (the touchscreen will not work in this program). To save your image, click Done.  It will initially prompt you to connect your Google account.  Once you do that, choose Save Image as File. You can then save the image to your Downloads folder.
            Updated: 31 Jul 2018 11:45 AM
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