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            Updating the Chromebook Operating System (Chrome OS)

            Your Chromebook automatically checks for and downloads updates when connected to Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

            To Finish an Update
            • When your Chromebook downloads a software update, near your account photo, look for  Update.
            • To finish the update, click Update and then Restart to Update.
            • Your Chromebook will restart.

            To Check for Updates Yourself
            • Turn on your Chromebook.
            • Connect your Chromebook to Wi-Fi.
            • Click your account photo.
            • Click Settings.
            • Click Menu and then About Chrome OS.
            • Under "Google Chrome OS," you'll see which version of the Chrome operating system your Chromebook is using.
            • Click Check for Updates.
            • If your Chromebook finds a software update, it will start to download automatically.

            Updated: 13 Aug 2018 01:11 AM
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