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            Using the Touchscreen

            Your school Chromebook has a touchscreen.  The following apps/programs allow you to draw using your touchscreen.  (Not all programs have touchscreen capability, for example, the touchscreen will not work in Google Drawings , Voicethread, or Awesome Screenshot)

            1.  Squid

            Squid is an Android app that allows you to write/draw notes on lined paper,  graph paper, and images.  To install Squid, go to your App Launcher and click on Play Store.  Only approved Android apps will appear here.  Click on Squid to install. Once it installs, you can access Squid from your App Launcher.   Watch a demo of Squid.

            2.  Blackboard Collaborate

            You can use the touchscreen to draw on the whiteboard in a Blackboard Collaborate meeting.

            3.  Screencastify

            When you choose to record a TAB (instead of the entire desktop), there will be drawing tools in the lower left corner that you can use to draw on the screen.  This will allow you to create videos where you can draw, point, and annotate on documents, images, and files.

            4.  Google Keep

            When creating notes in Google Keep, you can use the touchscreen to draw and annotate notes.

            5. Write on Web App

            Write on Web is an app that you can install from the Web Store.  After installing, it will appear in your Chrome Menu bar.  When you click on it, it will allow you to draw on whatever displays on the screen.  When your drawing is complete, just take a screenshot of your drawing and it will save to your downloads folder.
            Updated: 31 Jul 2018 11:52 AM
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