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            Viewing your Student's Activity Log in their Courses

            For a more detailed view of your student's activity in their classes, you can view their activity logs.  These are timestamped 'hits' of their activity in each of their courses.  It shows you each time they accessed a class, a lesson page, or an assignment and how long they were on each activity before moving to the next.

            To access these logs, go to and click Student Login.  Use your student's username and password to login.

            Click on My Courses, located in the top right corner of the page. 

            Click on Profile  

            Scroll to find the Reports section. Click on All Logs  

            These logs will have timestamps of all activities in all courses.  You can see when a student opened a class, navigated to any page or assignment in that class, and if they submitted a quiz or assignment. 

            For example, in the logs below, the student logged into the course site at 11:14am and then immediately opened their Chemistry class. At 11:44am, the student opened their 2.2 assignment.  At 12:06, they opened their 2.1 assignment and then entered some text into the assignment submission box.  They then submitted that assignment.  


            Updated: 01 Feb 2019 06:08 AM
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