Super 1000 GOLD Taste

            The feedback on the first batch already shipped has been amazing! Some of you are saying you love the taste of 10x Super Gold 1000. Others are saying the flavor is really strong and potent. This is because it is much stronger than many other products on the market. Exciting news is our flavor experts have already made it taste better to mask the potency of the plant. This updated flavor starts shipping tomorrow! It is the same exact product, just a different taste we believe more people will enjoy. Also, if you are noticing a tingling sensation, this is good and demonstrates proof of potency. 10x Super Gold 1000 is antibacterial,  and if you have any bad bacteria in your mouth, it helps to neutralize it. 

            August 9th 2019 
            Updated: 09 Aug 2019 03:43 AM
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