Release Notes: Version 1.3.6

Release Notes: Version 1.3.6

This release occurred on October 12, 2021 and included the following customer requests and bug fixes:

  • We have updated our Preview with two customer requests:
    • New hyperlinks allow you to access any Matter, Bill, Account, or Contact directly in Clio with just a click!  This will make it easier to review the source of your data quickly.
    • Expanded or Collapsed all of your Grouped items with the click of a button.  Look for it in the upper right corner of our Preview.
  • We have updated our Filter with two customer requests:
    • A "Today" button on our Date Picker.  This improves your reporting flexibility by allowing you to use Today with any Filter Condition.
    • A Wildcard to the Contains filter condition. Just use an asterisk (*) when you want to filter on values that you only know parts of, like a last name that is difficult to spell.
  • We added the following Delivered Reports under the Tasks category:
    • Overdue Tasks 
    • Todays' Calendar Events 
  • We added the following Delivered Reports under the Matters category:
    • Matters Closed Last Year
    • Matters Closed This Year by Practice Area
    • Matters Opened Last Year
    • Matters Opened This Year by Practice Area
  • We have corrected a bug that would stop the download process when a firm's data included time entries that did not have an associated Matter.  The download will now complete with the missing data.

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