Release Notes: Version 1.3.7

Release Notes: Version 1.3.7

This release occurred on December 6, 2021 and included the following customer requests and bug fixes:

  • We have added a Hidden Fields section to our report builder that allows you to hide fields you need for Grouping or Filtering, but that you do not want to display in your output.
  • More hyperlinks!  We have updated our Preview with hyperlinks that allow you to access any Calendar Entries or Tasks with just a click!  This will make it easier to review and edit the source of your data quickly.
  • We have added the Payment Source field to our Billing and Payments report types, which will allow you to see whether your Clio Payments transaction is a Card or ACH payment.
  • We have updated our Filters by adding a Wildcard to the "Does Not Contain" Condition. Just use an asterisk (*) when you want to filter on values that you only know parts of, like a last name that is difficult to spell.
  • By popular request from our clients (and one co-founder), we have added a warning when closing the application.  This will prevent the program from being accidentally closed.
  • For the Saved and Delivered Reports Search pages, we have changed the number of reports shown by default to 50.  This will keep reports from being hidden on the main pages. 
  • We have corrected a bug that did not allow our new "Today" filter to work properly with the Calendar Entries Start Date or Calendar Entries End Date fields.  This filter value is now working properly for all fields.
  • We made a number of administrative updates that will improve our response times on a number of common client requests. 
  • We added the following Delivered Reports under the Matters category:
    • Matters Closed Last Month
    • Matters Closed This Month
    • Matters Closed Last Quarter
    • Matters Closed This Quarter
    • Matters Opened Last Month
    • Matters Opened This Month
    • Matters Opened Last Quarter
    • Matters Opened This Quarter
  • We renamed the Activities Delivered Reports to be more descriptive and consistent with other report names.

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