Search Help

Search Help

How to Search Data 


Link to the Search Data Page 


On the left side of the page you will see multiple options ranging from changing your password, adding credits or doing a person search.  To get started with your first lead search select the “Search Data” link on the left side menu.  This can also be accessed by selecting the My account drop down on the top right of your screen: 






Now that you have selected search data you will see the available databases that you have access to: 


As an example we will be doing a search from the Consumers Email Database,  the selects are similar to the following databases: Consumer Database, Consumer DNC Removed, Consumers Email Database.  There is a brief description on each database.   



One thing to pay attention to is the Phone in DNC list? and Email Included? 



There are several fields that allow you to search multiple at once, specifically: Area Code, City Name, State, Zip Code. There are helpful hints under most of the search selects 


There are multiple tabs for searching in most of the databases. Once you have made the selects that you desire select the "Show result" button at the bottom of the page. 


Depending on the database that you are searching your search times could range from 10 seconds to 5 mins.  We have worked to narrow down and introduce more specific versions of our full database that assists with the search times.   


If your wanting to use a radius of zip codes we recommend using this link  

You can also access this through our website menu   

Enter in the miles radius you want and the zip code to use as a center point  


If you want to OMIT (not include) states within that radius just click the “x” on states to include section  


Then click the copy to clipboard button  


And paste the zip codes in the lead search and hit search results 



From the search result page you have several options: