Subscriptions Help

Subscriptions Help


 Subscriptions is the module you enter in whenever you make a sale.  Below are the fields you enter in when you create a new subscription or edit an existing subscription 



Subscriptions have different Stages so you can sort and track by what stage in the buying process your customers are.  


Subscriptions also has a quick reference to show you your total amount in each stage on the subscriptions main page.  


On the subscriptions table that list all the subscriptions you have quick options buttons 


 The tag is for linking products to that subscription. You can create products in the products module then they will generate here to link to your sales.  See below 








  The person icon is for linking employees/contractors to that subscription. You can create employees in the employee module then they will generate here to link to your sales. See below 


    This is the edit subscription and delete subscription button 


Notes email and phone icons- Notes will pop up a note field and whatever is entered in there will save to the notes field inside of the subscription. The email button will take you to the page where you can email all of the subscription information to the customer of any email of your choice. The phone will call the subscription if you have any click to dial program enabled on your browser. (we recommend skype) 


The view Subscription button will take you to the “view” page for that subscription. Here you can create invoices/ and much more for your sale.  See below 












Invoices  Here is what it looks like when you create an invoice inside of a subscription  

Here is what it looks like to create/edit an invoice  


You can send the invoice to yourself, your customer, assistant or partner.  

In these 2 fields you enter in your business name and business address and the invoice will be your companies invoice.  



Here is what the email looks like Once emailed you can print or save as PDF from your inbox.  


We also have a Collection module built to help you collect with past due or non paying customers.  


Here is what the edit/create collection looks like  


Just like invoice what you put in these 2 fields will show as your businesses information so you can use this as your collection notice.  



Here is what the email looks like for the collection notice created in the collection module on subscriptions 


The other modules also send out emails  
Accounting, processing, and task.  


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