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            How to setup printer to print into Generic/text only file?


            1.Right click on My computer
            2.Properties>>hardware>>device manager>> ports>> disable lpt1
            3.start>> settings>>printers &faxes
            4.right click>> add printer
            5.select local>>next
            6.create a new point>>next
            7.enter a port name(path e.g c:\print.txt)
            8. select manufacturer as genric, printer as generic/text only>>next
            9.replace existing driver>>next
            10.give a printer name. select yes>> next
            11.enter share name>>next.. until finish.

            Run>> cmd
            net use lpt1: \\ computer_name\printer sharing name \Persistent: Yes
            Updated: 23 Jul 2017 03:57 PM
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