Ninja Emails

            Will I be able to successfully send to all email addresses that I have purchased?

            Email deliverability into the inbox depends on several factors. 

            These factors may include: your server reputation , your domain reputation, your email subject, your email content, the recipient's email server, the recipient's firewall, the recipient's email client. 

            There will be soft bounces due to factors such as mailbox being full, mail delivery delayed by server, out of office autoresponders.

            There will also be hard bounces due to invalid emails due to people changing jobs, etc. 
            Do note that for each email list that we send, we provide additional emails to buffer for invalid emails.'

            If there are any invalid emails based in the send report, we will replace them 1 for 1. 
            To process the exchange, please email us with your order number and the list of hard bounces in csv format. 

            Updated: 20 Nov 2018 03:30 PM
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