Change athlete library folder

Change athlete library folder

A special setting when starting with Golden Cheetah is setting your “Athlete Library”. This library is a directory in your file system. You can either enter a directory name manually in the entry field next to “Athlete Library” or Browse your computer to select one.

When changing your library, the athlete(s) of your current library cannot longer be accessed through “Menu Bar” function to “Open” an existing athlete. When changing your “Athlete Library” path, Golden Cheetah is not removing your old “Athlete Library” or deleting any athlete data stored in it. After changing your “Athlete Library”, you can always switch back to the previous one, but there is currently no feature to move or copy athletes from one library to another.

After selecting a new “Athlete Library”, which is recommended to be an EMPTY directory of your system, you need either to manually takeover your data from the previous library or to start with a new athlete in your new library.

When pressing Save on the info popup after changing the “Athlete Library”, Golden Cheetah will need to restart for the change to take effect. If you changed to an empty “Athlete Library”, the “Choose an Athlete” dialog box appears, allowing you to create a new athlete, unless you copied the data contained within the previous “Athlete Library” folder.

Note: It is recommended to either use only one athlete library OR, if you need multiple athlete libraries, to use different athlete names - even across the libraries. Reason is that parts of the preferences of Golden Cheetah is currently stored “per athlete”, but not “per library/athlete”. If you use the same athlete name in multiple libraries, this athlete will share the athlete dependent preferences, but not the same activities, cloud accounts, etc...

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