Accessing a Ticket

Accessing a Ticket

Accessing a Ticket

After a ticket has been entered in the system, the easiest way to access it is to search for it in a View. (Go to the section on Views.) Once the desired ticket is located, notice that on the right side of the ticket there are several options under Operations. Some of these options will only be available to specific roles. The first option will always be the next step that needs to be completed in the job workflow. These steps will consist of the following options: At Scene, At Destination/At Tow Yard, Hold, Release, Audit, and Refund. The type of job and whether or not the car was impounded will determine if all of these steps will be available. 

The next option under Operations is View. The View option allows users to view all information about a ticket. There is some information that will only appear on the View screen, including all PDFs, comments, and any integration information for QuickBooks and ADD123. No edits to the ticket can be done from the View page.

The third option under Operations is Edit. The Edit option allows users to update a ticket without moving on to the next step in the process. This is really important for editing charge information or adding in lien processing information before releasing a vehicle. The last option is Delete. If a user selects the Delete option, the user will be directed to a new page that will ask the user to verify that they want to delete the selected ticket.
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