Club Tow, Motor Clubs, and Service

Club Tow, Motor Clubs, and Service

Club Tow

All motor club calls that are not accepted through digital dispatching will need to be entered manually in the Club Tow job type. Customer contact information and coverage details fields are available in this job type. Club Tows reference Motor Club Pricing, not General Pricing. Before dispatching a Club Tow call, make sure there is a matching Motor Club Pricing and Bill To for that account. Similar to the Account/COD setup, in the case that a vehicle is impounded for a motor club: impounding, lien, sale and release information are available.

Digital Dispatching Job Types

Omadi integrates with eight motor clubs: Agero, Allied, Allstate, Geico, Nation Safe Drivers, Quest, Road America, and United States Auto Club. These forms are only to be used to accept digital dispatches. Manual entries from any of these motor clubs should be entered as a Club Tow job instead of a digital dispatch form. The digital dispatch forms are set up specifically for digital dispatching and are therefore not as simple or clean as the Club Tow form.


This form may be used for any roadside service calls that do not involve a tow. This form is not exclusively for Club Tows, but if a motor club requests roadside assistance that does not involve a tow, this form is a simplified version of the tow form. If you do not have this job type on your system, you may need to purchase it as an upgrade if so desired.

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