Company Users

Company Users

All user profiles can be found at Setup (grey gear in the top right corner) > Company Users. On this page you can add new users and update users’ profiles. Only managers can create and edit all user profiles.

Create Users

To set up a user profile go to Setup (grey gear in the top right corner) > Company Users > New Company User. Give employees a username and an email address (it must be unique). Create a password (each employee can go in and change his/her password later).

Assign them a role. The role that each user is assigned will determine what that individual is able to see and do when using Omadi. Individuals can have more than one role. Fill out personal information and Hourly Rate or Regular Tow Commission if applicable.


In this section, you can choose the role of the user. These roles are Manager, Sales, Driver, and Dispatcher.
  1. Managers have the ability to see all jobs and reports in the system, as well as add or update all information in the system.
  2. Sales is primarily a PPI role. This role has permission to create Properties in the system. They can see all properties in the system, but they only have permission to update the ones that they created. Dispatchers have the ability to create, view, and edit all jobs.
  3. Drivers are only able to see the tows they are assigned, as well as their own Commission and Time Card reports.
  4. Dispatchers have the ability to view all information entered into the system, but cannot edit or create new information. They also have the ability to view their own Commission and Time Card reports, view the Receipts by User and Payouts reports, and cancel jobs.
Note: In order for a user to receive a dispatch, that user must be assigned the driver role in addition to any other role they may have. For example, if the owner of the tow company also tows, he/she would have manager and driver selected.

Commissions and Hourly Rates

To edit user commissions, scroll to the Payroll section of the chosen user profile. From there, enter a value into one of three options: Hourly, Flat, or Percentage commissions. Only one option can have a value in it at a time. 

The hourly rate for each user is multiplied by the number of hours they've documented by clocking in and out of Omadi. Managers have the ability to remind a user to clock in and out when logging in or out of the mobile app by selecting the Remind to Clock In/Out checkbox in their user profile. Users using the mobile app can click on Time Card to view their personal time card. Users who forget to clock in are advised to clock in on the app and then notify their manager to adjust their time accordingly.

Mobile App Options

This section has options to enable truck and time clock features for users. The Remind to Clock In/Out option enables the app to send the user a notification to clock in as soon as they sign in to the app. The Remind to Select a Truck option enables the app to remind the user to select their truck after signing in to the app. 

Note: All drivers should have the Remind to Select a Truck checkbox selected in order for their truck to populate automatically when filling out tickets on the app.

Notifying User

If you check the box in the bottom left that says Notify user of new account, then the new user will receive an email notification after you save the profile by clicking Create Account.

Blocking Users

In Omadi, there is no option to delete users, but a user can be blocked. Blocking a user will restrict all access to the system for that user. Blocked users will not count towards the account’s user limit. To block a user to go Setup > Company Users. Edit the user profile of the user that needs to be blocked. Under Account Information, change their status to Blocked, and save their profile.

Reset Password

If a user has forgotten their password, there are two ways to reset the password. First, a user with the role of manager can log in to the Omadi system, navigate to that user’s profile, and enter in a new password.

The user can also request a new password from the login screen. By clicking on Request new password, in the top right, the user will be directed to a new page where they will be prompted to confirm their identity by entering their username or email associated with their account.

After the user enters either their username or email address and clicks on the "E-mail new password" button, they will be directed back to the login screen, where this message will appear at the top: Further instructions have been sent to your e-mail address. 

An email with a link to reset the user’s password will be sent to the email address in their profile. Clicking this link will direct them to their user profile, where they will be able to change their password. Once that new password is entered, verified, and saved, the user will be able to log in to Omadi with that new password.

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