Digital Lienholder Notification

Digital Lienholder Notification

With the Digital Lienholder Notification feature, Omadi digitally alerts lienholders that you have impounded one of their vehicles.
You can decide if and when a notification will be sent to lienholders.

How it Works

  1. When a vehicle is impounded, a list of 2,000+ lienholders is searched to find if any of them have an ownership interest in the vehicle.
  2. If a match is found, the lienholder is digitally notified of the impound.
  3. Once a lienholder is notified, their contact info is added as a "comment" in the Comments tab of the job record within your Omadi system.
Since lienholders prefer digital notifications over snail mail, they are willing to pay you $1 per digital notification. Omadi collects the funds on your behalf and then sends you a check once per quarter.

Optional and Configurable

As with all features Omadi provides, this feature is configurable and completely optional. If you have access to change your organization’s settings in Omadi, then you can configure the following:
  1. A delay of 0 - 10 days can be set from the time a vehicle is impounded to when a lienholder is notified.
  2. You can decide whether lienholders should contact you by phone or email.
  3. If you would rather not have lienholders be digitally notified, you can opt out.

How to Configure the Feature

If you have access to change your organization’s settings in Omadi, then you will be able to configure the options for Omadi’s Digital Lienholder Notification feature. To access the settings, go to your setup page by clicking the grey gear icon in the top right corner of the screen, then click Integrations > Lienholder Notifications.

  1. If you would prefer to be contacted by email, simply enter your email address. (Note: if you prefer to be contacted by phone, just leave the email address field blank.)
  2. Set the amount of delay you would like between when a vehicle is impounded to when lienholders are notified. (Note: If you set the delay to 0 days, the notification will be sent as soon as the vehicle is impounded.)
  3. If you would rather not have lienholders digitally notified, then select “Disable this feature”
  4. Once you are ready, click “Save”.


  1. What information is shared with lienholders?
    1. Basic vehicle information  (such as VIN and license plate)
    2. Your company’s name
    3. The date of impound
    4. The phone number to the tow yard where the vehicle is located – or your email address, if that is your preferred contact method
    5. An identification number, such as the invoice or PD case number
  2. Why are lienholders willing to pay to be digitally notified?
    Receiving digital notifications saves the lienholders time and money, so they are willing to share some of those savings with you. And, since COVID-19, digital communications have become even more important for keeping everyone safer and healthier, which is why Omadi thought this would be the perfect time to release this feature.
  3. Does digitally notifying lienholders mean I no longer need to send a  letter(s) if that is required by the state or municipality?
    You should check  with your local and state regulatory agencies to make sure, but at this time we recommend you continue to send letters if that is required in your jurisdiction.
  4. Will a lienholder still be notified if a vehicle is released prior to the digital lienholder notification?
    No. If a vehicle is released prior to the notification delay you set, no notification will be sent.
  5. If I release a vehicle after a lienholder has been notified, will the lienholder still try to contact me?
    Once a vehicle has been released, Omadi notifies the lienholder that the car is no longer at your lot, so they should no longer try to contact you.

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