A View is a filtered list of tickets entered into the system. For example, if a user only wants to see a tow that was recently entered in the system, go to the black navigation bar > Views > Recent Actions. A view can be filtered or searched by using the black multi-form search bar at the top of the list. The following are the default Views in Omadi:

  • All Completed Tows contains all tows that have completed the job workflow. The job has reached its destination and has a completion time.

  • The Client Login View shows what client login users can see. Property managers can see which cars were towed from their property.

  • The Commissions view gives details about commissions. This view is linked to the Commissions report. 

  • Credits/Refunds is a list of all tows where Refunds/Write-Offs have been applied; also provides details from the Credits/Refunds report. 

  • Payouts is a list of all tows that had payouts applied. 

  • The Ready for Audit view displays a list of tows that need to be audited. 

  • The Receipts List is a list of tow tickets that have payments applied to the total due. 

  • In the Recent Actions view, all recent actions pertaining to tow tickets in the system are displayed, organized by what was most recently updated. 

  • Sales is a list of tow tickets showing revenue/payments and balances. 

  • Send First Lien Notice is a list of all tickets that need to have a first lien notice sent out. By default, this view shows any vehicle that has been in storage at least three days and the First Notice Sent field is still empty. 

  • Vehicles Released is a list of tow tickets that have been released from the yard. 

  • Vehicles Sold displays all vehicles that have a Sold Date entered. 

  • Vehicles in Any Yard is a list of tow tickets that are currently impounded. 

  • Vehicles to Auction is a list of tow tickets that are ready to be auctioned (when they have a Planned Auction Date filled). 

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