How can I update to the latest version of OnSong?

            OnSong is a vibrant and active app that is updated regularly.  This article helps show you the best practices with updating the OnSong app on your iOS device.

            Backup your OnSong library
            While OnSong updates are designed to upgrade your application and library, there's always the possibility of an issue caused by the update process.  It's always a good practice to keep a current backup of your OnSong library. While we don't expect any issues, prepare for the unexpected with this simple step.

            Read the release notes to learn about the update
            Each OnSong update documents exactly what has been changed with each version of the app in release notes.  This can let you know what's been changed and also point you to updates in the user manual so you can brush up on these changes before diving in.

            Determining your OnSong version
            All OnSong updates are free, but you may be wondering if you are up-to-date on your version of OnSong.  You can determine the latest version of OnSong by viewing our release notes. Next, open the Utilities Menu by tapping on the gear icon in the Menubar and choosing Settings.  Tap on the About section and then choose Version.  You can get even more detailed information about your version of OnSong and your library by tapping on the System Information row in the About section.

            Don't update right away
            I know you're probably excited to get your hands on the latest and greatest software by OnSong. But let's be frank.  Any little change in your flow on stage can have an adverse effect on your performance.  OnSong is tested thoroughly before launch, but it's always best to make sure you have time to work with any updates before you go on.  While OnSong doesn't force you to update, iOS updates apps automatically.  You will want to turn this feature off so you can choose the best time to update your critical apps.  You'll want to make sure you have a good Internet connection and time to install the update so you are not rushing before a show.

            Determining if it's safe to update
            Everyone has different criteria on what constitutes a good update. If you've been waiting for a specific feature, you may want to update right away. If you're a musician who depends on OnSong changing nothing, it may never be a good time to update. So how can you know if the OnSong update will work for you?  The truth with any software is to wait a few weeks and get feedback from other users.  Check out the OnSong Facebook Community and see if other users are having any concerns or if your particular needs have been met.

            Installing the update from the App Store app
            OnSong now releases new versions of the app using a 7-day phased roll out.  The reason for this is to ensure that all users get the best update possible.  If there's a problem, we are notified early and can cancel the update to work out any issues that are found "in the wild".  If you really need the new update sooner, you'll need to manually update the app by opening the App Store app on your home screen, searching for the OnSong app, signing in and then checking for an update button.  

            Note: If the update button does not appear, go into the updates tab in the App Store app and pull down on the list to refresh. If the update tab still does not appear, you may need to restart the App Store app.

            Rolling back to a previous version
            Unfortunately the App Store does not provide a way to rollback to a previous version of an app and developers do not have a way to issue previous versions of the app.  Apple has also removed apps from the iOS backup both to iCloud and iTunes so there is no way to install a previous version of an app.  This means that you must be certain before updating your version of OnSong.  If you do experience issues, we recommend joining our Beta Team to report the issue and receive a fix sooner than the standard release cycle.

            Problems installing the app
            While rare, it is possible for there to be an issue during the App Store app update process. If your app appears as a dimmed icon, make sure you have a good Internet connection and reboot your iPad. You may also want to download a free app to ensure that you are signed into the App Store app on your device. Tap on the icon to pause a download or installation and tap again to resume.  Another unlikely scenario is that the app is installed incorrectly on your device which may occur due to a fault in the App Store service.  If this happens, delete the app and reinstall from the App Store.  You can restore your backup on the new version to have access to your songs as before.
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