OPTICAM/Nucleo is slow

OPTICAM/Nucleo is slow

OPTICAM/Nucleo is slow

Should OPTICAM/Nucleo start slowly or be slow to respond to dialogs or at start-up - check the following:

1) The PC is up to the necessary specification.

2) The PC isn't a notebook that is using an integrated Intel graphics adapter. In Nucleo, use the "Nucleo Options" dialog, then the "View Graphics Adapter Info..." button:

Check the PC has a valid NVIDIA card.
If needed, use the "Copy to Clipboard" option to copy and paste the system information to an email and send to support.

3) Check the use of the NVIDIA card - refer to this KB -
"How to force use of the correct GPU (graphics card) for OPTICAM":
4) If all of the above seems OK, check the CodeMeter Control Center for Network Licensing issues -
"OPTICAM/OPTICAM Classic is slow to start (Network License)":

5) If the user has multiple CodeMeter-supported applications (other than OPTICAM/Nucleo), make sure the network server software is the same version on the server as the client - to see if there are issues, go to the CodeMeter Control Center and go to the "Events" tab:

Next, select "Clear Event Window":

Open OPTICAM/Nucleo and position its main window so you can see both it and the event pane in the CodeMeter Control Center.
Close OPTICAM and relaunch it.
Watch for messages in the event window. If you see messages containing the text "SERVER VERSION TOO OLD" then the network server may be running older CodeMeter software than this client PC - ask the IT Dept. to upgrade it to the same version on the Server. Note: Not all "API errors" are not necessarily a problem - just warnings.

- End -

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