Amazon Cash Back Reward

            Customers who purchased an OV Pro on Amazon are eligible for our Cashback Rewards program.

            If there was a Master Card Cashback reward offer, follow these steps to receive your cashback reward:

            1. Purchase OV Pro on Amazon 
            2. Download the OV app from the Android or iOS/Apple Store
              1. Create your OV Loop account and set up your wallet
            3. Click on this link and provide the following information https://www.ovloop.com/updates
              1. Email Address
              2. First Name
              3. Last Name
            4. A fill in form will be emailed to you to qualify you for the rewards, you will need
              1. Amazon order ID
              2. OV Loop User ID
              3. Email address used to create oV Loop account
            5. The cashback reward will be credited to your OV Card in your OV Loop Wallet after 30 days
            6. Spend it anywhere Apple / Android Pay is accepted

            Updated: 18 Mar 2019 11:40 PM
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