Calling a Contact

            Option 1

            • While on the chat screen, tap on the Phone or Video icon at the top right.

            Option 2

            • Tap on the Voice First icon on the main screen.
            • Say “Call” followed by the contact name.

            NOTE:  You can only call a contact who is a user of the OV Loop App

            Adding more people to an existing call

            • To include additional parties to an existing video or audio call, by choosing "Add Friend"
            • Group calls are only supported by contacts.
            • You can only add individual users to a group call, a different group may not be added to a current group call.

            Message someone while in a call

            • Tap on the chat icon on the call screen, send your message. Once you are done, click on the phone or video icon to return to the call.

            Unanswered/Failed Call Options

            If your call cannot be completed with a contact, you can:

            • Send a voice message
            • Call Again
            • Cancel the call to return to the home screen

            Updated: 21 Feb 2019 02:32 AM
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