Calling/Chatting with a Group

            Creating a Group 
            • Slide to the Groups tab.
            • Tap on the + icon
            • Select at least 2 friends from your frequent list or your address book.
            • Pick a name for the group.
            • Choose a picture( optional).
            • Tap on Create Group.

            Group Conversation Options

            The following message pin options, are available by selecting a message from the conversation:

            • Edit – allows the individual message to be edited.
            • Mark as Important – add a start/important mark to that message.
            • Forward – forward your message to another contact.
            • Copy – copy your message.
            • Delete – delete the message.

            Calling a group

            From the chat screen of the group, tap on the Phone or Video icon at the top right.

            • Video Call – tap to video call this contact
            • Call – tap to call this contact

            Group Information

            Tap the Group Name to view the full contact info.

            The following settings are available from the Settings section of the menu.

            • Group Picture – add a photo for the group (optional).
            • Edit Group Name –
              • Media, Links and Docs – browse the library of photos, video or docs shared in this group conversation
            • Import Messages –
              • Chat Search: search through this chat history
              • Mute: mute notifications from this conversation.

            Save Media to Camera Roll:

            • Default (on) – saved to camera roll.
            • Always – always save media to camera roll.
            • Never – no media is saved, you may experience no images or media being saved in your conversation.
            • Participant List – tap to message or remove a contact (only if group admin).
            • Clear Chat – erase the conversation history with this group from your device.
            • Exit Group – leave the conversation and group.

            Updated: 21 Feb 2019 02:20 AM
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