Canned Responses

            Canned Responses empower your business to chat with personality and speed. The chats made in Chat Automation>Canned Responses appear in the customer support page, where they can easily transfer to a chat. This process allows you to type a sentence once, and use it frequently. Follow these steps to create a Canned Response:

            1. Sign into your OV Business Portal.
            2. Select the Chat Automation tab from the navigation bar along the top of the screen.
            3. Select the New Response button
            4. Enter the Response Nickname. This is how you will recognize the response. i.e. “Hours of Operation”, “Thank you message”
            5. Enter the Response Text. This is the message that will be sent to the customer. i.e. “We’re open 9am-5pm weekdays, and 10am-2pm weekend days.”, “Thanks for chatting, have a great day!”
            6. Select an optional attachment to send with the canned response (Existing Offer, Image, URL), or choose to send with no attachment.
            7. Select the Add Response button to save your Canned Response.

            Strategy: Create a canned response for greeting guests, saying goodbye to guests and any common questions.

            Updated: 09 Apr 2019 12:24 AM
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