Connecting to Amazon Alexa with OV Exec

            To connect to Amazon Alexa using the OV Exec:

            • Load and open the OV Loop app
            • Open the Menu slider
            • Select Settings
            • Select Manage Devices
            • Select ‘Log in to Amazon
            • Follow Amazon’s login steps, you may be taken to a mobile browser or the Amazon app (if installed) to validate your credentials before returning to the OV Loop app

            Note: To start Amazon Alexa on the OV Exec quickly press and release the power button once, you will hear a bong which means your connection has occurred

            If you already use the Amazon App on your device, you may not need to sign in and your Amazon account will become linked

            We suggest running the OV Loop app so that you can use Alexa directly through your OV pro or OV exec headphones

            We also recommend using the Amazon Alexa app to control your Amazon Music Services, preferences and other smart device configurations

            Updated: 21 Feb 2019 03:40 AM
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