Manage an Incoming Chat

            The CS tab becomes your home for all consumer communication management, today it is your hub for all chat communications, currently holding all incoming and continuing conversations with customers.

            When a chat message arrives in your business inbox:

            1. In the CS Tab, a counter update (red bubble) next to the ‘Pull Ticket’ button; will denote how many new chats have arrived.
            2. In the Business portal, a counter update (red bubble) next to ‘Chat Support’ menu option will denote how many new chats have arrived.

            To respond to incoming messages:

            1. Click ‘Pull Ticket’
            2. The right panel will update to show all incoming messages, most recent or most updated is listed on top.
            3. Each conversation becomes a ticket, with the number of messages sent as a bubble against the  you are able to pull the chat message into your view, and begin a conversation with your customer.

            The right side panel will list all chats that have been created; each individual chat is regarded as a ticket to help with effective conversation management.

            Updated: 09 Apr 2019 12:44 AM
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