Manage Users

            1. Sign into your OV Business Portal.
            2. Select the Business Settings tab from the navigation bar along the top of the screen.
            3. Select the New User button
            4. Enter the new user’s information, including
              1. User Role
              2. First Name
              3. Last Name
              4. Email Address
              5. Mobile Number
            5. Select Send Password Reset Email button


            Each user type is allowed access to certain functions in OV Loop Business. Role types are designed to fit a positional need in your business, distributing work to the best suited user. View the permissions chart below for abilities.

            User Roles and Permissions Grid

            Note: CRUD refers to data management. i.e. Users can Create data, Read data, Update data or Delete data

            Updated: 09 Apr 2019 12:20 AM
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