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            Quick Tip on Getting Started

            Thank you for purchasing OV Pro!  We are excited for you to experience the next generation headset!  We have a few tips when you open the box!

            Power On/Off 
            Press and hold the Play/Power button.  A single vibration indicates it’s on.  Two vibration indicates it’s off.

            Initial Bluetooth Pairing

            Turn on the headset.  Go to your phone’s Bluetooth settings to pair to the headset named “OVPro XXXX” (XXXX is a unique number for your headset)

            Earbud Command Button

            Press the Right Earbud Button to answer an incoming call or to hang-up if you are on a call.  Otherwise, press the same button to contact Siri or Google Assistant.


            Please use the included USB-C Charging Cable. Lift the door on the right arm to access the port.  


            A Red Light indicates charging.   A Green Light indicates fully charged!


            Earbud Magnets

            There are magnets in the earbuds for easy storage!


            If you have any issues, we’d love to help out! 

            Reach us between the hours of 9AM to 5PM EST. Inquiries can also be emailed to support@ovloop.com or chat with us!


            OV Loop Team

            Updated: 20 Feb 2019 11:59 PM
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