IQFeed Symbol Guide

IQFeed Symbol Guide

NameDTN IQFeed / DTNMA / DTN.iqRTH (Pit) All Times EST24hr Globex All Times EST
S&P 500 E-mini@ES# or @ESMYY9:30a-4:15p (2)6:00p-4:15p (31)
Nasdaq 100 E-Mini@NQ# or @NQMYY9:30a-4:15p (2)6:00p-4:15p (31)
S&P 500+SP# or +SPMYY or@SP# or @SPMYY9:30a-4:15p (2)4:30p-4:15p (31)
Russell 1000 E-mini@RS1MYY9:30a-4:15p (2)4:30p-4:15p (31)
Russell 2000 E-mini@ER# or @ERMYY9:30a-4:15p (2)6:00p-4:15p (31)
Russell 2000 E-mini (ICE)@TFS# / @TFSMYY9:30a-4:15p (2)8:00p-6:00p
Russell 2000 Emini (CME)@RTY# / @RTYMYY9:30a-4:15p (2)6:00p-4:15p (31)
Russell 2000 (ICE)@TO# / @TOSMYY9:30a-4:15p (2)4:30p-4:15p (31)
Brent Crude (ICE)EB#  
US Dollar Index (Pit)@DX#  
DJIAE-mini@YM# or @YMMYY  
Forex Symbol InfoEURUSD.FXCM 24 Hours
Euro FX@EU# or @EUMYY 6:00p-4:15p
Euro FX E-mini@ME# or @MEMY  
EurodollarE-mini@YE# or @YEMYY  
Japanese Yen E-Mini@JE# or @JEMYY  
Japanese Yen@JY# or @JYMYY  
British Pound@BP# or @BPMYY  
Crude Oil E-mini@QM# or @QMMYY9:00a-2:30p (3)6p-5:15p
Crude OilQCL#orQCLMYY9:00a-2:30p (3)6p-5:15p
10 yr T Bond E-mini@YH# or @YHMYY8:20a-3p (3)7p-5p
10 yr T Note E-mini@YN# or @YNMYY8:20a-3p (3)7p-5p
30 yr T Bond@US# or @USMYY8:20a-3p (3)7p-5p
10 yr T Note@TY# or @TYMYY8:20a-3p (3)7p-5p
Corn@C#or @CMYY  
Sugar@SB#or @SB#MYY  
NIkkei 225NK# or @NK#  
DAXXG#or XGMYY3a-11:30a2a-4p
Euro StoxxEXMYY  
Australian Dollar@ADMYY  
Live Cattle@LE#9:30a-2:05p9:30a-2:05p
Lean Hogs@HE#9:30a-2:05p9:30a-2:05p
Bitcoin@BTC# 6pm-5pm
Bitcoin Micro@MBT# 6pm-5pm


NameIQFeed / DTNMA
Dow Jones Industrial AvgINDU.X
Nasdaq Composite IndexCOMPX.X
S&P 500 Stock IndexSPX.XO
NYSE Cumulative TickTICK.Z
NYSE NET Tick (excludes regional exchanges)JTYT.Z
NYSE Down VolumeVIND.Z
NYSE Up - Down VolumeJVNT.Z
NYSE Total VolumeVINT.Z
Market Volatility (CBOE)VIX.XO
NYSE Advancing IssuesIINA.Z
NYSE Declining IssuesIIND.Z
NYSE Adv minus Decl (Net Issues)JINT.Z
Nasdaq Advancing Iss.IIQA.Z
Nasdaq Declining Iss.IIQD.Z
Nasdaq Adv minus Decl (Net Issues)JIQT.Z
Russell 2000 Stock IndexRUT.X
Biotechnology IndexBTK.X
Mini Dow PremiumPRYM.Z
Russell 2000 TRINRIRT.Z
SP Futures PremiumPREM.Z
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