Is there a MacOS version of PairTrade Finder PRO in order to enable me subscribe to the service?

Is there a MacOS version of PairTrade Finder PRO in order to enable me subscribe to the service?

We have lots of MacOS customers that use PairTrade Finder® PRO v2 very successfully by running it in a Parallels hypervisor using Windows (
Parallels also offers a free trial.
If you would like to do so, zip us an email after you subscribe to your Free Trial of PTF PRO so that we can activate your new license key for hypervisor use (they are locked against this for security reasons).
More serious traders, whether MacOS-based or Windows-based, install PTF PRO on a virtual private server so as to leave it running 24/7 in a self-contained, dedicated operating environment.  All signals are sent by email or straight into Interactive Brokers' Trader Workstation® for confirmation.  This setup allows you to access and use your PTF PRO from any broadband-enabled device worldwide.  The most cost-efficient provider we've come across is  You will likely be able to get by with a $10/month machine, though may upgrade for faster performance (
Here at Support we can help you getting up and running through either of these approaches.
Let us know!
Best regards,
PTF Support
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