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            Getting started with Pairtrade Finder

            You can download PTF from

            We have made a quick getting started video which can be seen here:

            Each subsequent section of our product PTF can be found in our manual at

            A working example can be:

            To get any data on stocks or stock indices you need to enter codes in a group created with eg. NYSE as the exchange, then you need to enter codes exactly the same way they're found on Yahoo Finance.

            For e.g.....

            SP500 is code ^GSPC

            Germany's DAX is ^GDAX

            there is always a ^ symbol in front of the code

            You can see more here

            For currencies, futures and forex data, they will need a paid subscription to IQfeed data as per instructions in the PTF user manual.

            Updated: 20 Apr 2017 02:26 AM
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