Downloading Megger PAT410, PAT420 and PAT450 data to PATorganiser

Downloading Megger PAT410, PAT420 & PAT450 Data to PATorganiser

Downloading the Megger PAT410, Megger PAT420, Megger PAT450 test results to PATorganiser

DO NOT connect the Megger PAT410, Megger PAT420 or the Megger PAT450 with a cable for use with PATorganiser, instead download the results to a USB memory stick.

Downloading the Megger PAT410, Megger PAT420, Megger PAT450

Press the HOME button on your Megger 400 Series PAT Tester and the following screen is displayed.

Make sure you have inserted a correctly formatted (FAT or FAT32) USB Memory Stick into the USB socket on your PAT Tester. Use the Right Arrow key on the Megger tester to show the Data tab as shown below.

Use the Arrow keys on the Megger to Select Export Results To USB and then click the OK button on the PAT tester.

You will be prompted to enter a file name (NOTE! The file name can be a maximum of 8 characters and must not include any spaces)

Once done, press the OK button on the Megger to save your data. You should receive a message saying that the data has been transferred successfully.
Remove the USB Memory stick and insert it into your computer.

Importing the .CSV file into PATorganiser.

Open PATorganiser, 

Select "Import Tests" from the upper menu.
Select Megger PAT410, PAT420 or PAT450 from the Select Device drop down menu.
Select Files

Click Select Files and browse to the folder where you have saved your Megger Download file.

Navigate to where your .csv data file is stored on your USB and select Import Tests.

Your recent tests are now transferred to PATorganiser (you may need to refresh your browser for these tests to show immediately).