Downloading data from the Seaward PrimeTest 350 and 300

Downloading the Seaward PrimeTest 350 & 300 into PATorganiser Software

This guide will take you through the steps to download your data from the Seaward Supernova and Europa Series into the PATorganiser software.
Before you attempt to download any data to PATorganiser ensure you have installed "PATorganiser Connect" to your computer/tablet first.

How to download the Seaward Primetest 350/300 test results to PATorganiser.

The Seaward Primetest 350 has the option of connecting to your PC using Serial or Bluetooth, while the Seaward Primetest 300 only has the option of connecting to your PC or Tablet using Bluetooth.

If you are connecting via Bluetooth, you will need to be using a compatible Bluetooth device (dongle) or inbuilt Bluetooth capability within your PC or tablet, please contact your manufacturer or PATorganiser support for more information.

This guide assumes that you are downloading via Bluetooth and that the Primetest is already paired with your PC/tablet. While this topic does not go into great detail regarding the configuration of the Bluetooth device, please make sure that the Bluetooth device has a Serial Port allocated to it and that you know what the Serial Port number is. This can be checked via the Bluetooth configuration manager or by looking at the Device Manager.

For more information on setting up a Windows 10 Bluetooth device please see: How To Add A New Bluetooth Device To My Computer - Windows 10 under "How To Guides"

You will need to set the COM Port in PATorganiser, this can be done in the PATorganiser Connect utility.

Note: regarding supported download formats (SSS) and Setting the Download Format in PATorganiser

PATorganiser can download data from the Primetest 300 and 350 in SSS format. SSS data format is the Primetest Native format and therefore the recommended format to choose. Please contact PATorganiser support if you require further information regarding the SSS Data Format.

You will need to set the preferred download format that you want to use on the Primetest 300 / 350 Download PAT screen. Simply tick the Download Format option to SSS.

Downloading The Seaward Primetest 300/350

Switch the PAT tester on.

The first screen to appear on your PAT tester will be the MAIN MENU.

On the PAT Tester press the F4 key to bring up the Menu Options and use the Down Directional Key to scroll down to Data Transfer, press the Right Directional Key to highlight Download to PC followed by another press of the Right Directional Key.

Use the Down Directional Key to scroll down to Data Transfer, press the Right Directional Key to highlight Download to PC followed by another press of the Right Directional Key. You should now see the Download to PC screen as shown below.

The Download Format needs to be set to PAT Guard SSS.

The Computer needs to be set to the Name of the Bluetooth Device (normally the Computer Name) or RS-232 if downloading via a Serial Cable.

The Baud Rate is set to 57600 if downloading via Bluetooth and must not be changed. If you are downloading via a Serial Cable, make sure that the Baud Rate is set to the same rate selected on Settings in PAT Connect.

Before downloading "Connected" must be displayed in the Connection Status field.

Open PAT Connect in PATorganiser from Import Tests.

Click on the Settings icon

Select Settings

Ensure that the correct Baud Rate, Manufacturer, Model are selected and that you are logged into PATorganiser.

Select an available COM Port

Select Back and press Connect

Your test results will begin to download, once they are downloaded you can preview your data if you wish.

Select Transfer Data and your results will be uploaded to PATorganiser

Confirmation that your test results have been successfully uploaded to PATorganiser.

Your test results will show in the Dashboard (you may need to refresh your browser for these results to show)

If you are still experiencing problems with this process please contact the support team at PATorganiser.