How to Download from the Seaward Apollo Primetest Elite to PATorganiser

How to Download from the Seaward Apollo Primetest Elite to PATorganiser

How to download from the Seaward Apollo Primetest Elite using Bluetooth, USB to PC cable or memory stick to your Android/Windows Device.

  • Turn on your Apollo PAT Tester 

  • In the download menu select To PATorganiser in the Download from PrimeTest Elite dropdown.  

  • The filter button allows you to filter records for download. Select the filters you wish to apply and press Accept. 

  • The ALL button is a quick way of downloading all data from PrimeTest Elite  

  • The tick in a circle is the Accept function. This will accept the changes made in the current screen and move to the next screen. 

  • You then need to select one of 3 options from the using dropdown:  

    1. Flash Memory Stick - Insert a USB flash memory stick into the USB type A port on the PrimeTest Elite. Press ‘Save’.

    2. USB to PC Cable - Connect the USB download cable to the USB type B port on the PrimeTest Elite and to a USB port on your PC. Press Save. 

    3. Bluetooth to Mobile Device You will need to have a Bluetooth enabled mobile device configured with the PrimeTest Elite to use this method. Press Save. 

  • Importing the data file to PATorganiser. 

    • Open PATorganiser, and select "Import Tests" from the upper menu. 

    • Select Seaward PrimeTest Elite from the Select Device drop down menu. 

    • Select File. 

    • Navigate to where your .gar file is stored on your computer or tablet and select Open.  

    • Select "Import Tests" and your data will be uploaded to PATorganiser. 

    •  Your recent tests are now transferred to PATorganiser (you may need to refresh your browser for these tests to show immediately). 


  • If you are connecting via Bluetooth, you will need to be using a compatible Bluetooth device (dongle) or inbuilt Bluetooth capability within your PC or tablet, please contact your manufacturer or PATorganiser support for more information.