Default Archives

Default Archives

A default archive is the archive that automatically loads when you sign in to your Permanent account. It is also the archive that material is shared with when someone else shares materials from their Permanent archive. Your default archive is notated and can be changed through the Archives section of your account menu.

To change your default archive, click on your account email address in the top right corner of your screen, then click Archives. A window will appear with a list of your archives. Your current default archive is notated with a star.

If you wish to change your default archive, find the archive you want as your default archive in your archives list. Click the three dots to the right of the archive name, and then click Make Default. This archive will become your default archive. Please note that you cannot delete a default archive. If you wish to delete your default archive, you will need to change your default archive to a different archive, then delete the archive.

If you are using the beta version of the Permanent mobile app, only your default archive will be available via the app. If you need to change archives, you will need to change your default archive to the archive you wish to view in the mobile app. We are working on the functionality to switch archives in the mobile app, and it will be available soon.

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